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HNL_6_OnDemand_300x529Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a single past episode of Hook n’ Look? Maybe we filmed on your favorite lake but your missed the airing of it on Outdoor Channel. What if you had a tournament on Lake Lanier or Lake St. Clair or any of the dozens of lakes we have been to and you wanted to brush up on the underwater perspective of those areas. Well those days are finally here.

With the digital age upon us and interactive media everywhere we thought it was time to start offering past episodes of Hook n’ Look instantly over the internet. Powered by Vimeo On Demand, we are now able to offer purchases of either individual episodes or full seasons of Hook n’ Look with just a click of a button. Once purchased you have the ability to instantly watch the purchased episode on your internet capable device or you can download it to your computer to add to your iTunes or favorite media player to watch when your off-line.

2013 Hook n’ Look Season 6 is now available at


Vimeo On Demand is available on your favorite devices.

When you buy an On Demand video, it’s automatically added to your Watch Later queue so you can view it on any compatible device – including your TV in full HD via Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, and more.
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